Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Had To Do It

Yeah, it's me. And, yeah, this blog still exists. And. most importantly, I had to do it.

I was listening to the post-game show on the radio after tonight's Ranger game and a caller set me off. It was all about money to him. "This team won't spend money. We need to spend money to get players in here. Tom Hicks is a tightwad." (Ok, that isn't a direct quote from the uneducated caller, but it is pretty close to the gist of his argument.)

So I phoned in. When the producer picked up, I told him, "I would love to get in on this conversation." After about five minutes on hold, I was on air. I didn't even have shake voice this time. What I said basically amounted to this:
I am TIRED of the money argument. The Rangers have thrown money at all sorts of free agents only to either get burned or end up with a hired gun who is unhappy... because he took the most money. I pointed out that this team tried to get Barry Zito, with a more-than-plenty offer, this off season only to get rebuked. And why was it rebuked?

Because he didn't want to be here. It really is that simple.

You can toss around dollars and coins and gold bullions and no-trade clauses, but the bottom line is that it is a two way street. There is no law that says the best or longest or most expensive contract offer wins. Hell, you could offer me ten times my salary, but I still would not move to Santa Fe. Baseball players are no different.

Or ARE they?

Remember A-Rod? He accepted Texas' outrageous offer and was miserable the entire time he was here. Yes, he performed. But what did his attitude do to the rest of the team? I'll tell you: It taught Mark Texeira how to be a prima donna. (Maybe their shared agent, Scott Boras, had/has something to do with that, too.)

Yes, Boston is doing great with their inflated payroll. But how about those Yankees?
And, just a question... How much is the cheapest ticket at either of those parks? Can you get in for five bucks?

So I guess the dude that called in and bitched about payroll would much rather field a mediocre team, with no farm system, and pay fifteen bucks or more for the cheapest seat in the yard because it is all anout money to him. High payroll does not always mean first place or a wild card.

My advice to him? Keep doing your curls before you hit the bars in Addison and make sure you have your Blackberry turned on loud to the most obnoxious ring tone the rest of us can imagine. That way, everyone can know how important you are when it comes to spending someone else's money.

Effing tool.

By the way, absolutely no bandwagoning when this team starts winning. Give your season tickets away from your Vett (Chevette) and get back to your $30,000/year millionaire life.


P.S. That chick who is ten years younger than you will drop you like Matt Kata when she realizes you are not all you said you were. And I'll be here, laughing, while also being thankful that my team did not commit to seven years of Zito.


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