Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maybe Sam Jackson Can Coach

They're not "knee-jerk reactions" after 21 games:
  • There is something wrong with Francisco Cordero, and it's not his shoulder. It's six inches above it. He simply does not know where the next pitch will go, doesn't have confidence in his fastball, and thinks more highly of his slider than he should.
  • I want Orel Hershiser back here, and I don't care how much money it would take to get him back away from ESPN. Orel would do more good than an army of Mark Conners.
  • D'Angelo Jimenez is a defensive butcher, and makes me long for the days that Alfonso Soriano played in the (4) slot. Quit running Jimenez out there, and give me more Drew Meyer.
  • With apologies to Corby Davidson, I think Kameron Loe's nickname should be "Snake." I want to make up shirts piggy-backing on the upcoming film hype, with the slogan "Snakes on a Mound."
  • Brad Wilkerson should find out if his shoes are one-half size too small.
  • No one in the AL West is impressing me. If the Rangers are going to mount anything close to a division run, they need to make haste with it. The Angels and Athletics won't slumber for long.