Monday, August 28, 2006

The Suite at the Ballpark at Arlington

On Sunday, August 27, I was treated to a free ticket to a suite at the Ballpark at Arlington. I know two things. The Rangers shut out the A's and all the people at the suite were great. I felt like one of the gang. Thanks to Joni, I was invited since I got her to beg for a ticket for me. I am a bit ashamed since I didn't watch much of the game. Too much time socializing, drinking, and taking smoke breaks.

Unlike someone else on this collective blog I didn't take a camera to the game. But someone had a camera there and possibly someone else here can post some of the pictures. We'll see.

Once again thanks to everyone that was at the game for the hospitality. To Ali and Nathan for the free ticket. And especially Bullit for the buddy pass.